Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pattern Fetish

I've been recently obsessed with patterns since taking design 2 with Jon Nguyen. Not really making complicated patterns yet. I really enjoy the negative space created by the patterns themselves. And hopefully I will be able to integrate some of these elements into future works. I will be definitely be uploading more soon.

On a side note, school has been ridiculously difficult. Stress headaches, insomnia, panic, and mayhem. It also recently has been very humbling. Growing and learning very fast, coupled with small spurts of success tends to breed a stealthy hubris in me. But listening to our professors speak about art and a few spectacular failures here and there really brings me down to earth. We all still have a long ways to.


  1. That's pretty cool. What kind of software did you use to make that? Can you enter mathematical equations?

  2. i used illustrator. Just made a simple shape and rotate or flip and repeat