Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beirut CD Cover

A final piece for expressive type. The assignment was to the design a cd cover for a musician or music group we liked. I chose Beirut because I felt their music and background could provide a broad and interesting visual vocabulary to work with. Their music is inspired by eastern European folk music. We were ask to illustrate how the music individually felt to us instead of redesigning an old album cover, or illustrating the common-general visual description of the music. The music is dense in narrative with tragic overtones. Alot of longing also. So i came up with the concept of using antique overly embellished pistols as a vehicle for the type. A dated weapon, beautifully crafted and decorated, used to kill. The "B" in Beirut mimics the silhouette of the stryker of an antique pistol.

On a side note, while working on this particular piece in class, our amazing professor Peter Greco asked the question, "why are all weapons are beautifully designed." The more I thought about this, the more it seemed to be true. I still can't bring a weapon to mind that I felt was poorly designed aesthetically. It seems we like to put alot of thought and beauty into something when we feel like harming and killing each other. Food for thought.

The picture is a crappy scan of a crappy print

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