Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fashion + Hurtful Things

The only productive thing I was able to accomplish over school break. This is currently in the Home and Garden Exhibition at the Echo Curio. Show is open now through May 30th. You can go here: for more info.

I also used photos over at childhood flames as references for this particular piece. Go visit childhood flames, an amazing fashion blog with great photographs.

Here are also a couple preliminary sketchbook doodles. This might develop into a nice body of work if the ideas evolve a bit more.


  1. Those are pretty sweet. Did you use gouche to color those?

    Childhood Flames is a cool site. I'll start using it for more reference studies.

    Looks like I just missed the Egalitarianism open call, damn. I just read an article today about Goldman Sachs that would have been perfectly inspirational for a piece. Maybe I'll do one anyway.

  2. I think the color is ink if i remember right